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1989 Wooldridge Classic 24

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1989 Wooldridge Classic 241989 Wooldridge Classic 24
Please call owner Dan at 907-982-9716 or 907-376-2630.

Boat is in Wasilla, Alaska.

This website link will take you to Wooldridge's Classic Inboard Boat page.

The 24' is not listed but most of the data is right-on.

Wooldridge 24' Inboard Classic for river-running, fishing and hunting Original owner, log book for every hour of use o Most maintenance records available o All manuals for boat, engine, jet and accessories come with it o Original Wooldridge coat came with the boat -- actually worn less than a few hours -- included.

Needless to say, like new condition. o Stored under its own roofed parking area since new -- except for active fishing season '89-2002 o It has only been on the water three times since 2002 I've been working way too much o It has never been in saltwater o 'Classic' hull -- this specific 24' hull is not made any more that I know of this one has the 'wide bottom,' 12 bow, 8 stern deadrise and 30" high sides freeboard with a square-nosed, self-bailing bow.

It's a 'riverboat' classic, not an 'offshore' classic. o Ford 460 inboard jet, 330hp o Original owner manuals for maintenance and repair o Full engineparts manual for specs and overhaul o Less than 1340 hours total engine time been parked for 12 years o Spare engine -- less than 500 hours with history.

Needs camshaft, oil pump pickup tube and reassembly o Lots of spare parts o Starter o Alternator o Carburetor o Coil o Full spare tuneup on board o Provable 11gph average fuel consumption over 12 seasons of use o Inlet water strainer and sand trap o Spare sand trap o Halon automatic fire extinguisher system in engine compartment.

Monitor on dash o Kodiak Marine KEM 7" three-stage jet pump similar to Hamilton 773 o Original manuals for maintenance and repair o Grate rake o Spare jet parts o Extra stator maybe two o Extra impellers o 20-23 pitch o High-pitch third stage o Some cryo-treated o Posi-nozzle for steering ease and advantage o Full two-part glass windshield with wipers o Left port door opens for inegress o Do not have to unbutton top to open the door o Good windshield height -- good visibility o Side windows on windshield frame o Removable hard-frame top o Nine feet of covered cabin, stand-up height, with side and rear window-curtains seven feet of open deck out back, plus bow -- for fishing.

Comfortably and conveniently fishes six o Automotive-type hot water heater runs off engine for interior heat and defrost o 'new' Sunbrella top replaced just before it was parked -- NO weathering o 'Glassine' windows need replacement o Top front can be unbuttoned, unzipped and 'peeled back' to allow stand-up driving o Interior light for covered area o Captain and co-captain seats have storage underneath o Six-foot 'seat tank' on each side. 60 gal per tank capacity, 120 gal total.

Storage under 'tank seat.' o Electric fuel tank and gauge switching from dash o Fuel flow meter wresettable total gallons and current gph accurate to 2 o Storage capacity for life vests, emergency supplies and loads of fishing gear under seats sale can include most of the gear on the boat o Seats large enough to sleep on, thick cushions o Seat cushion on engine compartment o Storage under bow -- open access from inside o Side boxes -- lined -- for handy fishing gear access out on rear deck o Storage compartment built-in for tackle in stern covers o Full-flow faucet in storagefish-box built into stern o Hose can be attached for washdown o Box drain can be plugged or not o FULL Soft-Comm 'AIRCRAFT' INTERCOM.'Captain' plus eight stations wired 'co-captain,' plus three on each side for passengers, and one in back at engine compartment o Eight Soft-Comm headsets - all are voice activated o Captain has noise suppression capability -- like Bose o Captain has push-to-talk for CBVHF no VHF installed now o Everyone else listens and can cross-talk but can't talk on radio o Captain selection switch for functions o AMFMCassetteCB interface o Multi-disk CD player available but not installed o Cell antenna installed o Hard-wired cell installed but not digital o High gain CB antenna installed o Had VHF antenna, wiring is still in for it o Eagle depth finder o Compass o Bilge pump with ultra-sonic detector o No 'float hangups' o Switched on dash On Off Auto.

Light to indicate operation -- monitor bilge activity as you run o Two batteries with battery selector switch for offeitherboth o 'Constant-hot' switched 12v circuit wired around battery switch.

Leave batteries off with just the bilge pump hot o Twelve-volt plug in bow o Trim tabs o Kicker bracket -- jack-up type, adjustable o Three anchors, extra ropes o Z-cleats for tie-off o Life vests and safety equipment most never used, still in like-new condition o Rod holders and brackets o Tackle, tackle, tackle and rods o I guided for about 12 years so have boxes of tackle and loads of rods and reels -- all usable.

I'll let most of it go. o Tools -- I assembled a toolbox that I carried on the boat.

If I worked on it, I used on-board tools.

If I couldn't fix it with the tools on-board, I added the tool to the kit.

I wasn't going to be left out on the river without being able to get home. o E-Z Loader tandem-axle trailer o Charts and maps of SusitnaYentna rivers and fishing holes o Hands-on driving and river-running lessons if needed Riverover is my baby, hence the long delay in letting her go.

I guided part-time from '87-'02 starting with a Wooly 18 outboard.

I ordered this boat from Glen Wooldridge on July 2, 1989 and launched it August 10, 1989.

Don't let the age of the boat throw you -- she's not beat up, just broken in.

I started a logbook and kept track of every trip, every gallon of fuel, every minute of use, every service, every problem, every solution.

You can review them andor have copies -- there are a lot of memories vested in them, a lot of great river-running, and a lot of good fishing trips.

I've never been much of a hunter but she's hauled moose and is just as capable of hunting on the rivers as she is at fishing.

I set her up just the way I wanted 'my boat' to be.

She's got gee-whiz and extras that make a difference -- I spared little expense when I did something.

She's hauled a few tons of freight one entire lodge, hundreds of fishers, more hundreds of fish, moose, numerous campers, hunters and their camps and gear, canoes, kayaks, other boats and game, pulled or towed a number of other boats out of problems, and been the source of a lot of great times.

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Engine Count:1
Engine Hours:
Hull Material:aluminum
Draft: 10"

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